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University of Hyderabad
P.O. Central University
Hyderabad - 500 046
Andhra Pradesh, India
Phone: + 91 - 40 - 2313 0000, 2313 2102, 2313 2103
Fax: + 91 - 40 - 2301 0292
Email: acadinfo@uohyd.ernet.in
Website: www.uohyd.ernet.in
The University of Hyderabad, a premier institution of post graduate teaching and research in the country, was established by an Act of Parliament (Act No. 39 of 1974) on 2nd October, 1974 as a Central University, Wholly financed by the University Grants Commission.
Created by an Act of Parliament, the University of Hyderabad has, over three decades, distinguished itself as one of the best in the country as a centre for teaching, research and innovation. The Government of India, Ministry of Science & Technology has recognized the University of Hyderabad as the second ranking University in the country. This recognition comes with an award known as 'Promotion of University Research and Scientific Excellence (PURSE)' Award. This is a new initiative taken by the Government of India to recognize excellence in research and teaching in the areas of Science and Technology. This award comes with a grant of Rs.10/- crores every year for the next three years.
The University of Hyderabad carries out cutting edge research in disciplines such as the sciences, social sciences, humanities, technology, visual arts, communications, management and continuing education. Right from its inception, the University has pioneered academic activities with a thrust on interdisciplinary and interface. It runs a thriving integrated programme. It's post-graduate and research programmes are among the best in the country. The University has broken fresh ground in the Study in India (SIP) program involving international students. The University of Hyderabad combines high academic excellence commensurate with national goals and international standards. These goals include public-private partnership, research that is socially relevant and which empowers large sections of our marginalized population, and above all, radical and innovative thinking that can make us effective players in international education. The University's mission is to promote a dynamic mindset in the field of education and research, and address the challenging tasks before the contemporary world. The University of Hyderabad is proud of its human and material resources, built over the years. Its flexible system of entering into Memorandum of Understanding can facilitate initiatives at the international level. More than 60 MoU's have been entered into as on date with leading Universities and Institutions in India and Abroad for joint academic research, faculty and student exchange etc.
The "objects of the University" as envisaged in the Act are:" to disseminate and advance knowledge by providing instructional and research facilities in such branches of learning as it may deem fit and by the example of its corporate life, and in particular to make special provisions for integrated courses in humanities and science in the educational programmes of the University and to take appropriate measures for promoting inter-disciplinary studies and research in the University."
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