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Krishna University
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Krishna University
A.J. Kalasala Campus
Rajupeta, Machiipatnam
Krishna - 521 001
Andhra Pradesh, India
Phone: + 91 - 8672 – 225 963, 226 969
Fax: + 91 - 8672 – 225 962
Email: registrar@krishnauniversity.ac.in
Website: krishnauniversity.net
Krishna University is one of the recently established universities, which is devoted for the cause of higher learning and research. It believes in imparting higher education of quality and global standards in the fields of arts, sciences, commerce, management and technology to suit the contemporary educational needs of the society.
It endeavors to maintain world-class standards in teaching and research and strives for the holistic development of its students by nurturing and nourishing their abilities and leading them on to the path of self-discovery, preserving the cherished Indian traditions and ideals of egalitarianism for shaping the students into responsible and useful citizens to serve the society, the country and the international community.
Vision and Mission
  • To aim at the production of a human resource base that meets the global man power requirements in frontier areas of knowledge.
  • To be in a constant quest for quality and excellence in the field of higher education.
  • To educate, train and conduct research in areas of knowledge that would contribute to the nation’s knowledge-wealth production.
  • To impart ethical values and train the youth in the values of secularism, humanism and tolerance.
  • To conduct teaching and research and address issues of national development, regional priority and resource management.
  • To promote and propagate innovative teaching, research programmes and create specialized centers of learning
  • To develop collaborations with leading national and international agencies in the areas of knowledge that would enrich the minds of the students and enlarge their horizon so as to provide them with a rewarding campus experience.
  • To help the students progress onto a path of self–discovery.
  • To lead the students towards participating in the nation’s socio-economic development with competence and character by training them to play a lead role in a building a knowledge-based society drawing upon the fruits of information and communication technology.
  • To create an ambience of industry interaction in the university so as to foster in the student, an outlook for acquiring the know-how and the do-how strategies associated with the development and utilization of cutting edge technologies.
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